Teen Speech, Drama and Acting (1st-6th Year)


Teen Speech, Drama and Acting Classes (1st-6th Year)
Our class for teenagers is welcome to beginners and advanced students alike. We offer a 3 hour class that covers voice, movement and acting. Full details on what the class involves, locations and class schedule as well as our annual time table and fee details are below.
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Teen Speech, Drama and Acting Classes (1st-6th Year)
Our class for teenagers is three hours long, roughly split into three individual hours as below:
  • 1 hour – voice, communication, team building and improvisation – this section of the class focuses on building clear, confident, creative communication.
  • 1 hour – group acting, devising, and movement – this section of the class contains all of the group performance work including scripted and student-devised material.
  • 1 hour – solo performance work – during this part of the class students work on solo performance work and scene partner work e.g. duologues, monologues, poetry performance, reading aloud.

During our Autumn Term (Late August/Early September to December) students prepare build foundational skills in voice, acting and movement and prepare solo performance material for showcasing in our end of term class showcase and (optionally) our internal competition and external exams. In the Winter Term (January to Easter) the students prepare for a large scale production taking place in a professional theatre. In our Spring term (Easter to June) our students cover a range of performing arts skills such as movement, stage combat, design and devising and more.

Locations & Timetable

Term Dates and Fees for 2024/2025

In the school year we have a total of 35 weeks of class, each 180 minute class is €50, total annual fee of €1750.
Enrolment is on a per-term basis and fees are paid per term.

  • Term 1 builds a foundation in voice, movement and acting, and works on solo performance pieces for our internal Feis and Speech and Drama exams.
    • Begins: Wednesday May 28th (from Monday September 1st for Dun Laoghaire classes)
    • Ends: Saturday December 14th (Wednesday December 18th for Dun Laoghaire classes)
    • Midterm Break: Saturday October 25th – Friday November 1st inclusive.
    • Internal Feis: Sunday November 24th
    • Exam Dates: December 6th-10th
    • Performance Dates: Last week of class
    • Duration: 15 weeks.
    • Cost: €750
  • Term 2 works on a group performance in a professional theatre
    • Begins: Friday January 3rd
    • Ends: Saturday April 12th
    • Midterm Break: Monday February 17th-Sunday February 23rd. Also no class over weekend March 14th to 18th. No class on April 2nd-6th.
    • Performance Dates: April 2nd-6th.
    • Duration: 12 weeks.
    • Cost: €600.
  • Term 3 works on a range of performing arts skills such as mime, stage combat, devising and more.
    • Begins: Monday April 28th
    • Ends: Sunday June 28th
    • Midterm Break: Friday Saturday May 31st to Friday June 6th inclusive
    • Performance Dates: Last week of class and Saturday June 14th.
    • Duration: 8 weeks.
    • Cost: €400.

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Additional information


St. Louis High School Rathmines, Dun Laoghaire Presbyterian Church, Taney Parish Centre Dundrum


Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm, Saturday 3-6pm, Friday 5:30-8:30pm


Term 1 (Late August/Early September to December), Term 2 (January to Easter), Term 3 (Easter to June)

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