We are so excited to announce our new acting class for teens near Dundrum!

Why did we create this new acting class for teens near Dundrum?

Building upon our primary school age classes, this course will allow our older children to advance into a teen class as they move into secondary school without having to travel far. Thus, this teen acting class is best suited to students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of secondary school who want to get more into acting and performance and develop their skills. We will work on solo acting, poetry speaking, mime, movement, theory and more.

First build confidence. Then, boost creativity. Finally, develop a Clear Speaking Voice. 

What to expect from Term One Autumn 2023

Rehearse for our Winter production in class. Then, perform in a professional Dublin Theatre this Christmas! Last year our students performed selections from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic stories in the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire. Hold on to your hats as this year’s show is yet to be announced. However, it promises to be a big hit among our teens and junior students alike!

In addition, learn a solo drama of choice! Practice a monologue for the Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland Feis in early 2024. Compete against students throughout the country. Furthermore, want to act in professional productions? These monologues can be used by students who join our acting agency in auditions for tv series, feature and short films, commercial work, theatre and more. Most recently, our teen student Gerard was cast in a BBC TV series which filmed this summer. Catch it on air in early 2024.

Do teenagers prepare for speech and drama exams in Dundrum?

Yes! Our Dundrum teenagers will prepare for Speech and Drama exams with Trinity College London just like our teens in Dun Laoghaire and Rathmines. Furthermore, prepare for advanced grades (Grade 5 onwards) which will provide students with UCAS points. Use these for University applications in the UK.

How do I sign up for acting classes in Dundrum?

Parents can sign their pre-schoolers, children and teens alike up for Speech and Drama classes in Dundrum through our website. Or, Get in touch if you are unsure which course is best suited to your child. As always, we will be happy to guide you!

Enjoy an Early Booking Discount!

There is an early booking discount for our Dundrum Acting classes when you book in August. Forget about remembering codes! The discount will be automatically applied at check out. Don’t miss out! The offer expires on September 1st! So, act now!